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Professional photo shoot in Monte Carlo

Sandra is a talented photographer who works all over the French Riviera for your photo shoot project. She specializes in portraits (women or men) and brings a very particular artistic touch to all her images. Her know-how also extends to boudoir photography, intimate and sensual, in couple or alone. She also creates photo books for models and actors. If you are looking for unique and striking photos, you will find your happiness with this portrait photographer from the Côte d'Azur. Sandra travels to Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Menton and the entire Riviera.

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Monaco's best photographers

Looking for another professional located in the heart of Monaco? Here is a selection of good local photographers in other specialties: real estate, wedding, packshot, event...


7 Avenue Papalins
98000 Monaco
06 98 53 38 73

Real estate photographer

Specialized in real estate photography, Fabien and his team realize neat pictures to value an apartment or a villa. Virtual tours are also part of the range of offers proposed by this professional photographer from Monaco. The prices of the photos start from 150€ ht, it includes the shooting in HDR and photos of the building are offered. The ideal solution to quickly sell or rent your property with beautiful images or videos in the principality of Monaco.


5 Place de la Source
98000 Monaco
06 80 86 13 65

Wedding photographer


Edward is a freelance photographer based in the center of Monaco since 2003. You can trust him to capture your wedding or other private event (family photo). He is also the founder of his own professional photo studio, available for rent and equipped with professional equipment from Profoto (flashes). He is also passionate about aerial photography with drone.


64 Boulevard du Jardin Exotique
98000 Monaco
+377 6 13 17 32 42

Packshot photographer

If you wish to photograph products or food, Eric brings an expertise on this type of shooting requiring an important technical mastery of both lighting and retouching. The presence of a stylist allows to stage the objects or the food. The packshots can be delivered with or without clipping, depending on the use you want to make of them (e-commerce site, catalog). This photographer is therefore a good partner for advertising communication agencies in Monte Carlo.


Rue Suffren Reymond
98000 Monaco
06 60 91 72 87

Events photographer : birthday, party...

Located near the Hercules port of Monaco, Philippe is a versatile photographer who excels in event photography, for companies (congresses, sports events) and individuals (weddings, birthdays, parties, yachts). He works in close partnership with renowned Monegasque associations and institutions. He speaks English to adapt to the international clientele visiting the principality.

This non-exhaustive and random selection reflects only a part of the photographers available in this city / country, we are in no way linked to the photographers who are not our partners, they are listed for your information to help you in your search.

Professional photographer monte carlo

Find the right photographer in the principality

Photographing can be exciting and produce lasting memories. However, in order not to let the dream turn into a nightmare, it is important to select a competent and serious photographer to take your pictures. In the case of a wedding, for example, you will not have a second chance to photograph the most beautiful day of your life. To shoot in a more corporate or advertising context, there is no room for error. Monegasque clients are a demanding elite, that's why local photographers are for the most part extremely sharp in their know-how and offer top of the range services.

Our advice before hiring a freelancer for a shoot in this European country

Finding a professional photographer in Monaco for your photography projects can be a complicated task. As there are many photographers to choose from, you should consider the following criteria: the photographer's specific experience and skills, the type of shoots he or she offers, his or her clients' reviews and overall reputation.


The photo and video services offered by professional photographers in Monaco are varied and provide clients with creative images to meet their needs. A photographer in Monaco can be hired to cover special events such as a pregnancy, birth, wedding or studio portrait, headshot. It is also possible to hire a photographer to cover specific projects such as product shots, portrait sessions or outdoor shoots. Our advice is: always hire a specialist who is experienced in the type of photography you want to hire!


A portfolio is essential to demonstrate the visual quality that the photographer is able to offer. The photographer's talent and expertise are an integral part of the choice, depending on the photographic project being considered: book, pregnancy, newborn or ID photo (driving license, passport) for example. When it comes to choosing a photographer in Monaco, talent and experience are always important. Some professionals also post their images on social networks like Instagram, Facebook or platforms dedicated to photographers (like Flickr). It is important to carefully examine the portfolio of each photographer to see the style adopted: what are the dominant colors? Is there contrast, black and white? How is the light treated? What framing is used to enhance the model? All of this gives a more precise idea of the work done, which you can also physically see on the prints or photo books.


Before stepping into the photographic studio, we advise you to take the time to read the testimonials of former models to make sure of the professionalism of the photographer and the quality of his work. If the professional does not have any customer reviews, it is very suspicious. You can also contact former clients of your photographer to get their recommendations for this person.




Even if the equipment does not make the talent (Van Gogh painted on old rags), it is still interesting to know what kind of camera your photographer will use during the shooting in the city of Monaco. This will allow you to differentiate the amateurs from the experts. Indeed, a serious photographer will never use an entry-level digital camera costing a few hundred euros. He will rather use a full frame DSLR, a state-of-the-art APS-C hybrid, a medium format camera (especially for advertising) or a film camera.  Logically, a good photographer earns enough to afford this expensive equipment. If not, you should be wary! Lenses are also a point to observe, they are sometimes more expensive than the camera itself. The price of a Canon or Nikon telephoto zoom lens (long focal length) used by sports and wildlife photographers can exceed ten thousand euros (you read that right). As for the studio equipment such as flash and photo umbrella, it has all its importance in a Monaco photo shoot done indoors in a controlled light environment.

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